We went dirt biking. To Rajmachi. It has been closest to a trek I have done in quite a while. I love the Sahyadri's. The black rock. The wild landscape.

The village was peaceful. We ate some home cooked rice bhakri's, mixed batata bhaji and some phodni-che-varan. Slept on a saravlela mud floor. There was a cool breez blowing. Morning was peaceful. Some poha and sweet tea. Small talk. Fresh morning. The fort in front of us, ablaze in the morning light. We took a walk to a small lake. Sat in an old old shiv mandir for some time. Spent time trying to hit small frogs in the mandir kunda with tiny pebbles. Lazed around. On our way back we met Rajesh.

On the way to Rajmachi

Village House

Progress: Solar Panels

An Ancient Mandir

The Beautiful Sahyadris

Note : all photos with SE W800i camera phone.