Approach road to Purandar
One fine day me and Aniket got restive enough to get on the bike and get going - rather late in the day. We headed for Purandar. It was a rustic ride through the Pune hinterland. We took the lane through the old part of Saswad and were rewarded with the site of rare old buildings. Saswad was of some historic significance. The city has grown so much that the echoes can be felt far and wide - even once remote villages. The land hungry rich are on a rampage to buy and fence pieces of land wherever they can lay their hands on.

We were unaware that Purandar was a old military outpost and that we were supposed to leave by 1800hrs. That gave us just enough time to see the first level where the old buildings from the Raj era and our own military Era. The post has been vacated for many years now, but an army chowkidar still guards the ruins. We could not climb up to the 'real' fort. Near a mandir there was a family which sold tea and bhel. We partook some. Then headed back. It was a nice tryst with impromptu semi-adventure laced travel. Better than the mating of the arse with the chair. 

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Pune .. from the Bopghat.

Purandar Fort

Church from the British Raj

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj



Army Barracks, now in disuse.

Army barracks, now in disuse.

Old Church


Murarbaji Deshpande


Sunset over Devadi Dam

Purandar and back