Clouds and flowers (hdr)

This year managed to go to Kaas with Vivek Belhekar in his new car.  Trupti, Pallavi (Mrs.Belhekar), Ira (little Miss Belhekar) and Pallavi's sister also were part of the gang. We managed to get a little late so missed the super early morning time (also known as dawn heh) at Kaas. But we managed to have some fun with the gopro and other cameras. We went up to the lake. There is a mini and complete amateurish eating place there. They managed to make some bad food for us. Then we headed back. Had a great lunch at Satara and then Pune.


Vigna Vexillata Halunda

Cyanotis Fasciculata

Cyanotis Fasciculata


The mad photographer !

colours of nature

Flowering fields

Kaas and back