In camera HDR. Shot well after sunset.

Low light photography is fun. It is when mundane details get hidden in mysterious shadows and intriguing patterns come to the searching light in this ballet. My cousin Milind once, long ago, expounded to me the virtues of the absence of light - "Shadow is important" he had said. I was young, and of all the things he had said, this stuck. The twilight excites me photographically as nothing else.

My recent discovery for this kind of endeavor is the unlikely Nokia N900, my phone. I discovered some truly amazing software, results of research at Stanford, implemented for this phone because of it's open platform (it runs Maemo, a version of GNU/Linux).

The new camera app is called blessN900 (OVI store link). The software, together with some special camera (FCam) drivers, allows one to get some super performance out of the N900 5MP camera. Noise free Low Light shooting, in camera HDR, RAW output, Shake-free zoomed shots.

So if you are lucky enough to have the N900 - go and have fun !

There are a couple of things to note about shooting in low light. You shutter speed will most probably be slow. You have to learn to stabilize yourself when exposing. So after you click and till the photo is taken you have to learn to freeze. There are several ways to do it : 
  • Widen you feet. 
  • Lower you center of gravity. 
  • Slouch backward with stomach out. 
  • Breath slowly and with a rhythm so than you can stop it calmly and completely for the exposure. 
  • Take support when possible. Lean on a wall / fence. Rest your forearms or wrists on some support if possible. 
  • Learn to press the shutter by only moving the finger you are using for clicking and no other part of the hand. 
Shot in a very dimly lit room.

Danger. Shot in the street light at about 8pm

Roland. Shot in a dark room.

Here are some examples of shots for comparison using standard camera and then using blessN900