Tung across Pavna
Amey (mama) and me have been talking about going for some weekend trek for quite some time now. So we decided we will go to Tikona, which is a simple trek and easily accessible. Mama and Mami were to leave from Mumbai early and we were to meetup at Lonavala.

Ani was here so he decided to come with me. Mama called me up from Panvel at about 0630hrs. We got up got ready and were on the road at 0800. It was pretty cold and there was no sign of the sun. The roads were empty and we had a fast ride to Lonavala. At Ramkrishna, where the couple was waiting, we had hot idli-wada sambar and chai and headed on to Tikona.

Tikona is at the back side of Lohagad-Visapur. The road passes alongside the Pawna waters. I do not think even an inch of the hillside is free land - all fancy bungalows and estates of the rich. It is pretty sad.

As we neared Tikona we came out of the playground of the rich into the poor people's world. heh. Passing the base village we had to ride about a kilometer of dirt track to get to the point at the base of the fort from there is a trail up.  There were several bikes and a couple of cars parked. This being a easy trek and near Pune and Sunday lots of people around.

It was a easy trek. Nice weather. Just before the final climb, near the Taljai mandir, I felt a little uneasy about by breath and stopped. (I was climbing with the help of doxofilline anyways hehe) .. The rest did the 20 minute steep climb and came down in an hour having explored the top.

We had decided to cook our own lunch. It is so much fun. I got the stove and the pots, Mama got the rice and the 'kulith'. He made 'kulithache pithle'. Hot rice and hot pithle was awesome.

After washing up we headed down. At the base village we split having said good byes. We had just realised that we were pretty near Pune from interior roads. We were about 18km away from Paud which connects directly to Chandani Chowk and is about 20km away.

The road upto Paud was in pretty bad shape but passed through some excellent countryside, again full of large estates.  From Paud it is a good road right up to the NH4.  We made some good time and had reached Warje in about 90mins.

In all a small but enjoyable trek. Need to do this more often. The fresh air and the open sky does good to one's soul.

Route Taken
Hanuman Mandir, Tikona
Tikona top
Taljai Mandir, Tikona
Lunch, Tikona
Lunch, Tikona
East ridge, Tikona