Dukkar Khind, Warje
Sunset at Dukkar Khind

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. We had a late lunch. Then we headed up the small hill behind Percy's house for a ramble. It is called Dukkar Khind and is a place with a disreputable past. But times have changed. What was out of city limits and lonely has been surrounded by the every encroaching concrete jungle. We found people playing cricket on top. Also a heard of goats and sheep and their two shepherds.

Sunset at Dukkar Khind
Tyo looks across the city
Sinhagad across the city
Early winter twilight, Sinhagad
Khadakwasla, past sunset from Sinhagad

The weather had turned nippy in Warje (Pune) - touching 16C. Then the rains started. November rain. The cold went away. The crops were destroyed. Then the rains stopped, a few days ago.

Today was a waiting day for me. I waited. Then, in the evening, I decided to go to Sinhagad to find peace. Wintery light makes the landscape look oh so romantic. Having started late, all I got was the twilight. It was so beautiful. I was about the only ones going up while everyone else was coming down. Heh. Such is the way of fools, is it not? A few photos and a hot cup of tea at the top. Then the mad ride down to the base. Yes, unlike other days today I rode down pretty fast and mad. Heh.

Is it not that, after the end and before the beginning, in between, in the twilight, one becomes more observant of the transient nature of the surroundings and gladly forgets himself? The fury of activity of life, the drama of the encroaching shadows and the riot of changing colours hold us an enthralled audience.
As a friend said - such a beautiful escape.

Khadakwasla, past sunset from Sinhagad
pathway, Sinhagad
Tower on Sinhagad