Bhandardhara and Malshej
Tree and rain clouds.

This was my first monsoon at Pune. Shockingly it was totally unlike the ones in Mumbai. I love the Mumbai monsoons .. the beautiful light .. the heavy rains for weeks at end .. the sea faces with the darkened horizon. I have so many memories of my favourite season in my favourite city.

The smell of the first rain in our garden outside of A-2. The first rain we used to encounter early on the morning when we used to arrive from our summer vacations at Solapur. Going to school through the muck of Manipada. Football in the rain and mud in the ground next to the Class IV quarters. Cycling all the time. Sitting next to the huge waterbodies near the exam house. Those walks with P. :)

The rain treks through the Sahyadris - the most fantastically beautiful times I have spent in nature. Me, Vasu etc. screaming and dancing in the first rain of the season in Dadkar .. late at night. The times when I used to sit at the Naka watching the rain till DP's shut down. That one walk down Worli sea-face, that day, with X. :)

Well, those days have gone by. Pune monsoons are dry in comparison. It has rained here more via thunderstorms at the fag end of the season than in the middle of it. I got desperate, as the season progressed without much fun, to see some real rain.  So Vivek and I left on a sudden trip to Bhandardhara and Malshej.  It was so beautiful. Here I present some studies in B&W, of that time and space.

Storage hut and wildflowers in the hedge.
Wild grass in the rocks.

Lone farmhouse
Hut and flowers.
Rain clouds and overflowing dam, Rajur

of Panshet and the golden flowers
field, full of golden flowers

I had to skip going to Torna (again). This time with Percy and his brotherhood. So on sunday went on a drive to Panshet. Had been there at the beginning of the Monsoons when the dam waters had hit rock bottom.

The drive turned very pleasant as we left the Uttamnagars and the NDA's behind.  The roadside was littered with blossoms of variety of large golden-orange-yellow flowers. The colour of the flowers contrasted so well with the fresh lush green of the vegetation.  Panshet was full. We had a couple o'cuppa's of tea and some hot 'pohe'.  All accompanied by interesting conversations. It was a day for lots of chitter chatter. On the way back sampled some bhel (very sad one) at a stall near the Khadakwasla dam where we stopped to get something to drink.

One surprising scene we saw was that of hundreds of people gathered on the other side of Khadakwasla dam to wash their rugs and 'godadis' .. literally hundreds .. people had come in cars, autos, jeeps ... it was one mad and colourful scene.  Maybe it was a day for washing your linen in public ? :)

As I had very nicely forgotten both of my cameras (which sit next to my laptop, begging to be used), all the photos here are clicked using the k790 camera phone.

hillside of flowers

On the way to Panshet

Backlit, flowers on the roadside

beautiful lane

golden flower, near Sinhagad

Khadakwasala dam