Tyo and Q

So I had a bet with Vivek (and later Percy) that I could cycle to the top of Sinhagad on a cycle. They said I could not even reach the base let alone the top Vivek said I could not even reach the base but Percy bet him that I could reach the base.  So we exchanged a couple of emails to formalize the conditions (sic) and the bet was on.

Next step was to acquire a cycle.  Because we could not beg or borrow one, we brought one.  Hercules 18 gears with alloy rims. Nice and light.  The me and percy practiced a bit in Warje. It was freaking HARD to climb up even a minor slope .. hehe .. 

The bet got talked about. And as is the way of our gang, there was a nice hype around including a facebook countdown by Shot (tu ruk saale). People had promised they would come down from Mumbai to support.  Vivek and Percy from Pune would, ofcourse, be here.

Tyo (who already has a cycle) decided to give me company. Which was good news. Two is better than one on the road. :)  So Trupti and Tyo, Vivek and Percy, Sumedh, Shot and Busty all came over to stay the previous night. Aniket was also here but he did not join the next day. It was typical tp the previous night and was about 3am before we got to sleep...

The day, 7th August 2010, started early for us. Me and Tyo got up, ate some stuff and got ready to leave. After a brief warmup we were ready and the others had also got up by then to bid us bye.  We left at about 6.30am.

After the first 10 minutes I was cursing myself for getting into this shit. We encountered a long and steep slope in the first 20 minutes. It was hard going up.  But now we were committed. Base village had to be reached at the minimum. So we went along.  First halt of 10 mins was Khadakwasla dam. We had been sipping some getorade which Trupti had got along with her.  The weather was fantastic. We were early, there was no sun. It was completely overcast. There was a cool breeze blowing. As soon as we left the dirty city behind it was very refreshing to cycle along.  The landscape was so crisp and green.  After the first break we started getting light rain intermittently. It only doubled the enjoyment. In the meanwhile all the support staff were behind or ahead of us in 2 cars.  They used to wait for us and shout encouragement and cheer us along.  It was great fun.

So finally we reached the village at the base of Sinhagad. I decided I was no way going to be able to cycle the steep slope of 12km up to the top.  I lost the bet (but thankfully Vivek, being the kind hearted guy he is, gave me ~95% discount in the bet). But I was happy I was able to do 20 odd km till here.  The gang got some gulabjamuns to celebrate our ride.

It was a great day. Thank you guys!

Me, Early morning
Tyo, Early morning
q and tyo
on the way!!

horseplay of the support section
busting acting up
hum paanch
going on ..
Sinhagad base village
Baaji, Busty and Khobs
q's tshirt