Road to Vishalgad

The road passes through some dramatic scenery on the way to Vishalgad. At the time of our visiting (May 2005) this was the conditions in some spots.



about 10 years ago
Vivek Raoi loved this one
about 10 years ago
Rashmi Raoi love these kinda pics...
about 10 years ago
Mohammed ImtiazMan the pics are awesome...Loved all the pics... m sure u guys must have really had a nice time going around these places... appreciate the photographer
about 10 years ago
Amey Salvimy fav photo of this trip...grt click quasi.....
about 10 years ago
about 10 years ago
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By Abhijit Rao on 5 Mar 2011 6:19
Fog in the Konkan
Hornbill, Devrukh

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